Sports and energy drinks for the young athlete

A post-game chocolate milk

Cold and chocolatey

The hot topic in the news the last few days, other than Jim Tressel’s resignation, is the latest report from the American Academy of Pediatrics about the use of sports and energy drinks by kids.  NPR has a piece on it; so does Yahoo! News and various other media outlets and blogs.

I had the opportunity to chime in with my views, which you can read here in this ABC News piece. (skip the video, it’s not the same story) It’s true, my kids mostly drink water, and lots of it. But, thanks to the advice of Bret, my son’s hockey coach, we’ve become big fans of the regenerative power of chocolate milk.

Turns out chocolate milk has an optimal carbohydrate to protein ratio, essential to restoring muscles and energy, and a bunch of other good stuff like Vitamin D that helps athletic performance and growing kids. We’ll buy a gallon of chocolate milk for tournament weekends, or grab a bottle from the concession stand or vending machine after a game. Since snack stand prices often require a second mortgage, it’s cheaper and more convenient to mix up a few drink bottles of chocolate milk to keep in the game cooler. Recently we tried some of the shelf-stable milk boxes, which I pick up at Costco, to decent reviews from the athletes, even though they prefer the other kinds.

Occasionally, only a Gatorade will do but, if you find your kids getting in an unhealthy habit, break out the chocolate milk. You’re welcome to drink something a little stronger, after the game, of course. Just open one for me.

8 Comments on “Sports and energy drinks for the young athlete”

  1. I have two swimmers and we have also found that chocolate milk is the best post-workout recovery drink for them, too!

    The misinformation in the whole energy drink/sports drink issue is making me crazy. There is a place for sports drinks like Gatorade – but not as the primary source of fluid through out a person’s regular diet. Sports drinks do serve a purpose when used in conjunction with water in high resource using athletic endeavors like running, swimming, soccer, and similar activities.

    Anyhow, nice to meet you Trophy Mom!


    • Char,
      Thanks for the comment. Hope you are a regular reader and contributor of The Trophy Mom. I don’t have any experience with swimmers so I’d love to get your experience on that.

  2. Anne says:

    I’ve always felt like drinking chocolate milk was a satisfying pick-me-up – cool to know that there’s some science behind that feeling.

  3. Lorraine says:

    Char is so right..We can talk ourselves blue in the face about the energy/performance drinks. A little Gatorade can be a good thing,Chocolate milk is Grand,Light small meals okay to. It just depends on the timing of the races,or events your kids are involved in.Great site.


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  5. […] The point of this post was supposed to be to discuss the appropriate hydration beverage for Quisp Jr and his brethren. It has been noted in the press lately that sports beverages (Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water…), while appropriate in many situations, usually just makes most people fat and sugared-up. The Trophy Mom: Sports and energy drinks for the young athlete […]

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