My Handy Dandy Kit of Fix It Stuff

SharkieLet’s get one thing straight–I don’t sew. Yes, I own a sewing machine. Yes, I’ve created masterpiece Halloween costumes, like this one here, but when it comes to what is generally regarded as the domestic arts, I’m no Picasso. But, it turns out, I am a pretty darn good equipment repair technician, even if it does occasionally involving sewing.

Since my kids break everything, I have learned how to improvise repairs to baseball cleats, hockey pants, equipment bags and a bunch of other stuff. It’s a lot cheaper than trying to replace it with new and quicker than waiting on the repair shop. You just need a few basic tools, easily acquired at your local craft shop, and you, too, can open your own Amateur Equipment Repair and Bait Shop. So here we go with what you need to replicate the Trophy Mom’s Handy Dandy Kit of Fix It Stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping kids safe and social services off your back

Urgent Care Trip

Frequent visitor status at the Urgent Care

A ruptured patella tendon. A dislocated shoulder. A broken hand. A broken arm. A bone bruise. Another bone bruise. Torn calf muscle. Strained ulnar nerve. Various bumps, bruises, welts, cuts and scrapes. Those are just some of the ways we’ve managed to hurt ourselves playing sports. At one point, the admitting attendant at the Urgent Care knew my name and that is not a good thing. Especially when they start asking your kids those questions.

If your kids play sports, it’s inevitable that you’ll suffer an injury or two. That’s why we carry the cold packs, Advil and extra large band aids. And why I wish I had bought an x-ray machine about 10 years ago. But, there are some ways you can reduce or prevent injuries and keep Child Welfare at bay. Read on, and learn how to keep your kids safer and injury-free.

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Are you prepared for a hockey emergency?

It’s hockey season at our house. Well, it’s actually hockey season, softball season and baseball season, but mostly, it’s hockey season. We’ve already got a couple tournaments under our belt and are heading into league play any minute now so this is a good time to get the hockey emergency kit ready. What? You don’t have a hockey emergency kit? Shoot, let’s get one put together quick like before anyone finds out and kicks you out of the glass lickers club.

Hockey Emergency Kit

The Ultimate Hockey Emergency Kit

You can find most of this stuff at your local sporting goods or hardware store, which in some towns is the same thing. (If they would also sell beer, you’d be all set.)

1.  Find yourself a small zippered bag or a plastic container with a lid, like these Rubbermaid Lock-its, or something else fairly sturdy.


An extra moughtguard

2. Get an extra mouthguard. It will help your player keep all his or her teeth and it’s required for certain age groups. There is an ongoing discussion about whether or not it reduces the likelihood of a concussion. Some mouthpiece manufacturers claim that it does. Some in the medical community claim that it doesn’t. Regardless, it’s really easy to lose it, and someone on the team is going to need one. Read the rest of this entry »

How I kept hockey equipment from taking over my house

The Locker Room

A place for everything . . .

A few years back, we remodeled our suburban Habitrail of a ranch house into a more functional living space. It was a chance to design the house of our limited budget dreams. We made a list of “must haves” like turn the one-season room into something useful, a bigger kitchen with two ovens, and a hockey equipment storage room. Yes, that’s right. A hockey equipment storage room.

We have four hockey players in the house, including a goalie, so that’s a lot of equipment. And we actually unpack it and hang it up so it can dry out and not stink as much. But it ended up all over the place, got mixed up in the wrong bag and was coated with dog hair. Just like everything else in the house.

So we did what any respectable hockey family would do–we moved the laundry to a dank, dark corner of the basement and installed a hockey locker room right off the back door. It was arguably the best thing we’ve ever done and is the envy of pretty much every hockey family we know.

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They all laughed until the port-a-potty ran out of toilet paper

I’m the mom who has everything. Not that kind of everything. Everything as in sunblock, band aids, hand wipes, hair ties and anything else you or your athlete needs. I’ve got the Ziplock bag to hold all the jewelry the girls aren’t allowed to wear in games but forgot to take off. I’ve got the instant cold pack that ices the twisted ankle, bug spray to combat the mosquitoes attacking the midfielder and a roll of toilet paper in case, well, just in case.

The goody bag

The well-stocked bag

Some parents make fun of me and my over-prepared bag full of goodies. Especially the roll of toilet paper. But when the park crew didn’t restock the port-a-potties during a holiday weekend tournament, no one was laughing at me. Nope. They were gladly handing over $1 for each square of double-ply, quilted, squeezably soft goodness. Want to put together your own bag? Keep reading.

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