How to handle a zipper emergency

There you are, watching your kid when suddenly you notice a flash of white appearing where it should be only black. A spot of color in an unwelcome place that can only mean one thing–a busted zipper.

As I have indicated previously, I am not highly skilled in the domestic arts, unless you count making Halloween costumes, in which case I rock. Or getting grass stains and red clay out of baseball pants, which I’m pretty darn good at. Or fixing zippers in practically brand new softball pants, at which I am awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I am compelled to share it in the true pay-it-forward spirit. Follow along, kids. Don’t worry, I’ve got pictures. Lots of pictures. Read the rest of this entry »

My Handy Dandy Kit of Fix It Stuff

SharkieLet’s get one thing straight–I don’t sew. Yes, I own a sewing machine. Yes, I’ve created masterpiece Halloween costumes, like this one here, but when it comes to what is generally regarded as the domestic arts, I’m no Picasso. But, it turns out, I am a pretty darn good equipment repair technician, even if it does occasionally involving sewing.

Since my kids break everything, I have learned how to improvise repairs to baseball cleats, hockey pants, equipment bags and a bunch of other stuff. It’s a lot cheaper than trying to replace it with new and quicker than waiting on the repair shop. You just need a few basic tools, easily acquired at your local craft shop, and you, too, can open your own Amateur Equipment Repair and Bait Shop. So here we go with what you need to replicate the Trophy Mom’s Handy Dandy Kit of Fix It Stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

Product review: The HockeyTUL

A few weeks ago I blogged about the hockey emergency kit. You know, that stuff you have stashed in your bag or car in case someone breaks/loses/needs something and can’t play. My fabulous readers (that would be y’all) had a couple suggestions via comments and email but the best one came from Phil Simeon of Northern Freeze Hockey. Phil suggested I check out the HockeyTUL, which he said is an extremely nifty thing. Bill from the HockeyTUL was following our conversation on Twitter and offered to send me a couple HockeyTULs to try out. So enough with the backstory. Let’s get down to the testing! Read the rest of this entry »