Be prepared for winter sports travel

Snow Road

Flickr photo courtesy of doortoriver

Winter has finally hit our part of the country. We’d been expecting a rough one, based on the very plush fur on the dog’s belly, fat neighborhood squirrels, and the prediction.

Well, it’s definitely here now, and way past time to get the winter weather emergency kit together before we head out for a game and end up stranded for two days like those folks on the 402 outside Sarnia last year. Or at least make sure we’ve got a 6-pack in the back like this guy who, though woefully unprepared, survived 60 hours stranded in Alaska by drinking Coors beer slushies. Read the rest of this entry »

Are you prepared for a hockey emergency?

It’s hockey season at our house. Well, it’s actually hockey season, softball season and baseball season, but mostly, it’s hockey season. We’ve already got a couple tournaments under our belt and are heading into league play any minute now so this is a good time to get the hockey emergency kit ready. What? You don’t have a hockey emergency kit? Shoot, let’s get one put together quick like before anyone finds out and kicks you out of the glass lickers club.

Hockey Emergency Kit

The Ultimate Hockey Emergency Kit

You can find most of this stuff at your local sporting goods or hardware store, which in some towns is the same thing. (If they would also sell beer, you’d be all set.)

1.  Find yourself a small zippered bag or a plastic container with a lid, like these Rubbermaid Lock-its, or something else fairly sturdy.


An extra moughtguard

2. Get an extra mouthguard. It will help your player keep all his or her teeth and it’s required for certain age groups. There is an ongoing discussion about whether or not it reduces the likelihood of a concussion. Some mouthpiece manufacturers claim that it does. Some in the medical community claim that it doesn’t. Regardless, it’s really easy to lose it, and someone on the team is going to need one. Read the rest of this entry »