Product review: Carpe + discount code

carpeWhen you are an active person, you tend to sweat. Sometimes a lot. And though the whole purpose of physical activity is to get your heart rate up and get a sweat going, sometimes the sweating part is counterproductive to the activity. I struggle enough to hold a down dog without having my sweaty hands slide across my yoga mat. And I will never attain chin-up board status at the gym if my hands are slipping on the bar. Even in the cold winter months, my usual activities can raise a good amount of perspiration, which is probably why the people at Carpe thought I’d be a good reviewer for their product, an antiperspirant hand lotion. (“We’ve found a sweaty one, let’s give her a call,” is probably what went through their minds.) I said sure, why not? which usually just gets me into trouble but this time it worked out well. They sent me a tube of Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion for free to try out and review, and a code you can use to get a 20% discount.

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Singing the praises of TeamSnap

teamsnapYou think managing a youth team is hard? Try managing an adult team. As the manager of my women’s hockey team for the last dozen years or so, I have tried various management systems, including the old fashioned paper and email system, eTeamz, hometeamsonline, Sport NGIN, Google groups and Yahoo! Groups. This year, I turned the manager reins over to Krisha, and we moved to a new online team management software and things couldn’t be better. So now, let me sing the praises of TeamSnap.

First, I have to disclose that TeamSnap gave us an account upgrade to the Premium level for free (an $85 value) in exchange for my review. We had already set up our free basic account and were loving the heck out of it, then upgraded and love it even more. Read the rest of this entry »

Product Review: the Odor Gladiator

hockey bag in backI know how much athletic equipment stinks. With a collection of hockey, softball/baseball or soccer bags in the car I have driven home with the windows down, lest I pass out behind the wheel from noxious fumes. Mike Morneault has four kids and every bit as much stink so he set to work and came up with the Odor Gladiator™, a patented athlete-customized high-performance deodorizer that battles stench right there in the equipment bag. Mike and I have bonded over kids, sports and stink and he took pity on me, and my unfortunate nose, and sent us an Odor Gladiator™ to test out. Never ones to shrink from a challenge, we tried it out on the stinkiest kid in the house, the 17-year old boy, and put it to the test in his hockey bag. Keep reading to see what we thought, and find out how you can win an Odor Gladiator™.
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Product review: The HockeyTUL

A few weeks ago I blogged about the hockey emergency kit. You know, that stuff you have stashed in your bag or car in case someone breaks/loses/needs something and can’t play. My fabulous readers (that would be y’all) had a couple suggestions via comments and email but the best one came from Phil Simeon of Northern Freeze Hockey. Phil suggested I check out the HockeyTUL, which he said is an extremely nifty thing. Bill from the HockeyTUL was following our conversation on Twitter and offered to send me a couple HockeyTULs to try out. So enough with the backstory. Let’s get down to the testing! Read the rest of this entry »

Best bets for your butt: Chair review

I suffer from chair envy. As I lug my camp chair out to the field, I’m eyeing everyone’s chairs, noticing the sleek, shiny lightweight aluminum, bulging storage pockets and high denier nylon. Sigh. It’s not healthy but not at all surprising since I used to do the same thing with strollers. My own chair is in good shape so there’s no new chair purchase in my future but I can’t help doing a little shopping around–just in case I accidentally run it over with the car or leave it behind at a field. Besides, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Best bets for your butt
The criteria is that it has to be portable, have a reasonable sitting area and come in at $100 or less. There are a lot of choices out there so here is my scouting report on how to get the best seat in the house. Read the rest of this entry »

My product rating: spray-on sunblock

Cursed with the freckled complexion of my Irish ancestors, I’ve always had to be careful in the sun. Well, apparently I wasn’t careful enough because about 4 years ago, the funny-looking freckle on my shoulder turned out to be melanoma. Yep, scared me silly. Other than the 5-inch scar, (no more strapless ball gowns for me) I emerged unscathed but with a freakish desire to apply sunblock to every person I encounter and lecture teenage girls about the evils of sunbathing and tanning booths. Since a good deal of my summer is spent on the ball field, I have tried just about every kind of sunblock and now present my findings.


The candidates

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