Hoist that trophy! About this blog.

Soccer Friends

Neighborhood friends are great teammates. (The cute one is mine.)

Somewhere along the kid-raising journey, you decided to sign your offspring up for sports. Maybe they begged to play with friends from school. Maybe you hoped that running around the soccer field, burning off extra energy, might lead your kid to a nap or early bedtime. Maybe you signed your junior athlete up for sports camp at age 3, hoping for a college scholarship, or even a lucrative pro career.*

After you stumbled your way through your first rain out, picture day or tournament, you probably thought, “Gee, I wish someone would have told me about that sooner.” And that’s what this blog is here to do.

We’ve participated in more than our share of baseball, softball, soccer and hockey teams, sometimes all at once. In the process, we’ve learned a few tips and tricks, mostly in hindsight. Like buy a skate sharpener and learn to use it. And a personal X-ray machine would be a handy thing to have. With the hope that we can help make everyone’s experience a little easier, less stressful and more enjoyable, we’ll share some of our tips. And hopefully, you’ll share some of yours.

With any luck, our kids will have fun, learn some life lessons and maybe we’ll hoist the trophy for best sports parent ever.

*When my son was about two and very interested in baseball, we repeatedly whispered into his ear, “When you make it to the bigs, you’re going to buy mommy and daddy a big house, with a satellite dish so we can watch all your games.” In retrospect, what we should have done was tie his right hand behind his back so he’d be lefthanded. Then he’d be able to hang around the big leagues collecting a paycheck for a good 15 seasons.

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