They all laughed until the port-a-potty ran out of toilet paper

I’m the mom who has everything. Not that kind of everything. Everything as in sunblock, band aids, hand wipes, hair ties and anything else you or your athlete needs. I’ve got the Ziplock bag to hold all the jewelry the girls aren’t allowed to wear in games but forgot to take off. I’ve got the instant cold pack that ices the twisted ankle, bug spray to combat the mosquitoes attacking the midfielder and a roll of toilet paper in case, well, just in case.

The goody bag

The well-stocked bag

Some parents make fun of me and my over-prepared bag full of goodies. Especially the roll of toilet paper. But when the park crew didn’t restock the port-a-potties during a holiday weekend tournament, no one was laughing at me. Nope. They were gladly handing over $1 for each square of double-ply, quilted, squeezably soft goodness. Want to put together your own bag? Keep reading.

Tips for stocking your own bag of goodies

Here’s what I suggest: Get yourself a sturdy bag with some kind of closure at the top because you will drop it. Upside down. In a puddle. Handles long enough to loop over your shoulder or bungee to your rolling cooler are essential. Aside from that, it’s your preference. I love my new bag from Thirty One is embroidered with my name, with smaller bags inside to keep it organized, but any tote will work.

What to put in it

Everything in its place

Don't forget the toilet paper

  • sunblock, the spray-on and rub-on variety, as well as a some formulated for faces
  • bug spray and some bug repellent wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • several sizes of heavy-duty Ziplock bags (for icing injuries, holding jewelry and general storage)
  • a Sharpie to write your kid’s name on his hat, label water bottles and sign autographs
  • a roll of hockey tape (I could write another blog post on the uses of hockey tape)
  • an elastic ACE bandage or two
  • a couple instant cold packs
  • ibuprofen
  • band aids in a variety of sizes, especially the big ones
  • Neosporin
  • wet wipes
  • a travel pack of facial tissues
  • instant hand warmer packs
  • a 13-gallon garbage bag, plus a couple grocery size plastic bags for wet gear
  • an old small towel (skate towels or golf towels work great)
  • a cheap rain poncho for an impromptu tarp, to sit on or to actually wear in the rain
  • dental floss in case you need to go MacGyver
  • a couple dollars in coins
  • a small notebook
  • and of course, a roll of toilet paper

If you’ve got female athletes, you may also want

  • a few hair bands and assorted ponytail holders
  • tampons and feminine pads
Separate leak-proof pouch

Put sunblocks and sprays in a separate pouch

If you’re trained, add in a CPR instruction sheet (or download the app to your phone) and CPR resuscitation mask. This sounds like a lot of stuff but I’ve used everything at least once (except for the CPR stuff, which I hope to never use). All the items are small so it’s really easy to pack and carry.  I’ve still got room for a book and some snacks in mine.

So that is what’s in my bag. What do you have in yours?

9 Comments on “They all laughed until the port-a-potty ran out of toilet paper”

  1. Ja Thoms says:

    Wow, Laurie! You are one prepared mom and looking fashionable while doing it, I might add. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I thought I was prepared w/ my “Car Bag” full of stuff, but you have taken this to a whole new level. Well done, Mama! Great suggestions!

    The only thing I’d add, and keep in mine most of the time, are socks. If shoes get wet or feet get cold, socks’ll do the trick until we get home.

    Great post – am looking forward to the hockey tape blog piece. We’re big fans of it here. Well, it and duct tape.

    • Liz, That’s a good one. I was wishing I had some socks this morning while wrapped in a blanket and wondering how a weather forecast could be off by 20 degrees. Socks would have really helped.
      Please keep reading and commenting. I’m interested in hearing your hockey tape uses.

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