From time to time, the Trophy Mom does reviews of products or services that are relevant to my blog and of interest to my readers. If you have a product or service you think fits that criteria, please contact me. If it has to do with sports, kids, dogs, convenience or looking 10 years and 20 pounds better, chances are pretty good that I’m interested. If you want me to review your product or service, I’ll want some personal experience with it so you should be prepared to provide a sample that I will keep. And yes, Whirlpool, if you’re reading, I do happen to need a new washer and dryer.

For my readers:

  • I will always disclose when I have been provided with a sample or other compensation for a product review and I will always give an honest review based on my personal experience. The Trophy Mom doesn’t sugar coat anything.
  • I will tag my post with “review” so it’s easy to find those.
  • There are some products that I’m already a big fan of, like Tide, Target, my Ford Flex, and oh, say, beer. Sometimes I’ll talk about things just because I like them! So, unless I say that it’s a product review for which I have been compensated, it’s just my own unfiltered opinion.

For product or service marketers:

  • You will get an honest review on my blog, with pictures if appropriate. If I have a negative experience, I’ll contact you for guidance on account of the completely plausible scenario that I have screwed something up and it’s my fault, not the fault of your product. I’ll also give you a chance to correct or rectify anything that would not get a sparkling review. I reserve the right to post a negative review.
  • I’ll also promote my blog review on TheTrophyMom Twitter account and my personal Facebook account.
  • I am very open to contests and giveaways for my readers, both on Twitter and on my blog, which I think is the best way to do this. Let me know if you are interested in this by emailing me at TheTrophyMom [at] gmail dot com or use the Contact the Trophy Mom page. If possible, put the URL of your Website in the email and give me a couple days to get back to you. I’m a busy lady.

Hope that answers all the questions here. Give me a holla if there’s anything I didn’t cover.