A push to play sports: The family tradition

Here’s a take on sports parenting from a guy who is just getting into it. Nick Houser is a fairly new dad, and is examining all those family traditions and sports attitudes from the fresh, new eyes of a father to a little guy. As many parents have, Nick has reflected on his own experience as youth sports participant, and shares his thoughts here at The Trophy Mom.

By Nick Houser

I grew up pushed into sports. I think most people my age, boys especially, were pushed into sports. There was a mentality that we had to do something, so it was either sports or work.

Baseball was everything in our house.

My dad tried to play. When he couldn’t go pro as a player, he tried to go pro as an umpire. But he always played in an old man’s league as well. My brothers both played as long as they could, too. One gained a collegiate scholarship.

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Battle midseason malaise

We’re about halfway through the hockey season and it’s starting to wear on me. And judging by the crabby parents and a general malaise at the rink, I think the wear and tear of the season is getting to everyone.

The sparkle has worn off and we’ve settled in to a routine– go to practice, play a game. Go to another practice, then another. Sharpen skates. Book a hotel. Drive to a tournament. Play more games. Drive home. Sharpen skates. Wash jerseys and lucky t-shirts. No trophies this year; not yet anyway. Just a long slog through another seemingly endless hockey season.

No matter how much your kids enjoy playing, or how much you enjoy watching, at some point you kinda wish it would be over and you’d have your weekends and Tuesday nights back. And that people would pay their ice bills on time and the rink would get the schedule together. But I digress. So how to you fight the malaise? How do you restore some of the luster to a long season? Go back to the basics. Not basic skills. Basic FUN. Read the rest of this entry »

Family planning, the low-tech way

The BoardWith a dozen or so games and practices on the schedule every week, it’s a minor miracle that everyone in the house gets where they need to go. Sometimes it feels like we’re running a logistical operation on par with UPS. I’m sure at some point we’ve ended up at the wrong rink or had the wrong time for practice but those instances are very few and far between thanks to a great overall team effort and the use of our decidedly low tech but extremely efficient dry erase calendar.

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Vacation, all I ever wanted


Still what I think of when I think of vacation. I know, I'm dating myself.

After eight weeks of touring the best baseball and softball diamonds the country has to offer, the Trophy Mom and family went on vacation last week. A vacation from schedules. A vacation from practices, from games, meetings, workouts, tournaments, commitments and blog posts. So, what does the quintessential sports family do on vacation? We play sports.

Some people don’t think that is much of a vacation. Heck, after hearing about other people’s trips to Disney* and educational visits to national landmarks, I wonder myself. But sports are just part of who we are as a family.  No worries about child inactivity and obesity at our house. I can’t imagine my kids touring museums since I can’t even take them into Bed, Bath & Beyond without fear of something getting broken.

Family Bike Trip

Biking the Little Traverse Wheelway

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