Guest Post: Two steps forward-one step back

Readers, please welcome Gretchen Rose to the Trophy Mom blog. She’s a football mom and will be sharing some of her experiences from time to time. Here’s her first post, just in time for the National Championship game. Give her a big Trophy Mom welcome.

Two steps forward – one step back.

I know that you have seen the car commercials starring Matthew McConaughey. You know the ones – where McConaughey drives around and has a philosophical conversation with us over random topics? The hypnotizing Texas Drawl (God Bless Texas) draws you in to listen to his transcendental talk. Yep, I thought it was Mumbo-Jumbo, too, until I realized he was actually talking to ME!

“Sometimes you have to go back, to actually go forward.”
I actually understood these prophetic words somewhere between Football Bowl Game 15 and 18 during the Holiday Break. (We watched almost all 32 of them by the way). McConaughey made me realize the complexities of my fall season as a Football Mom.  I just thought I was cheering and volunteering for the teams and sport that I love. Maybe it turns out there was more to the project than I knew! Read the rest of this entry »

How to win friends and influence your team manager

Some day, maybe we’ll eat at this table again.

It’s the beginning of the new season and right now in my world, parents are falling into one of two categories: 1) wonderful helpful people concerned about making everything run smoothly or 2) complete PITAs.

I know that most parents aren’t intentionally a pain in the derriere and they probably just don’t realize how to go about being a good team parent. So I’m going to tell you how.

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20 years of sports parent wisdom


The big 2-0

My oldest kid turned 20 years old this week. It’s amazing how quickly that went by, yet how far removed he seems to be from leaving my house. That got me to thinking about all the sports things we’ve been through with him and his brother and sister, and where’s it’s gotten us. Which is broke, mostly, with a lot of old sports equipment laying around. We have learned some things, though, and I thought I’d share them. Not so that you won’t make any mistakes, because I make mistakes all the time and you will, too. I share because, as they say, the best offense is a good defense. Or is it the other way around? I always get that mixed up.

  1. Don’t talk to the goalie’s dad during the game.
  2. Puberty is the great equalizer.

    Miles and Miles

    150,000 and going strong

  3. Everyone deserves a slushee after the game.
  4. You are going to put a lot of miles on your car. Read the rest of this entry »