Product review: Carpe + discount code

carpeWhen you are an active person, you tend to sweat. Sometimes a lot. And though the whole purpose of physical activity is to get your heart rate up and get a sweat going, sometimes the sweating part is counterproductive to the activity. I struggle enough to hold a down dog without having my sweaty hands slide across my yoga mat. And I will never attain chin-up board status at the gym if my hands are slipping on the bar. Even in the cold winter months, my usual activities can raise a good amount of perspiration, which is probably why the people at Carpe thought I’d be a good reviewer for their product, an antiperspirant hand lotion. (“We’ve found a sweaty one, let’s give her a call,” is probably what went through their minds.) I said sure, why not? which usually just gets me into trouble but this time it worked out well. They sent me a tube of Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion for free to try out and review, and a code you can use to get a 20% discount.

About Carpe:
Kaspar Kubic and David Spratte, students at UNC and Duke, were tired of having sweaty hands and decided to do something about it. They worked with a chemist, and after many batches of lotion, came up with the winning formula for Carpe, the world’s first non-greasy, no residue antiperspirant hand lotion. I’m impressed by their entrepreneurial spirit, because when I was in college, I spent much of my free time figuring out how to sneak into bars and where I could eat for free on Sunday when the cafeteria was closed.

The main ingredient is Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate, commonly used in antiperspirants like Mitchum.

Product claim:
Acts immediately to stop sweating at the pores; ends sweaty hands by blocking activity of sweat glands. If used over time, it claims to actually reduce the amount of sweat you produce from these glands. For the science of how it works, check out the Carpe website.

The directions say to apply a pea size amount about 10 minutes before your activity. Yes, it’s that easy.

My observation:
Carpe is easy to apply. There is a slight odor that goes away after a few minutes. Not an unpleasant odor–it’s eucalyptus and mint–but definitely an odor. When you first start to apply it, it feels somewhat sticky–it doesn’t want to rub around as easily as a traditional hand lotion, but that quickly goes away and your hands are dry and ready to go within a few seconds. It was fully functioning well before the 10 minutes was up.

IMG_9113Carpe was effective at stopping my hands from sweating. I used it before yoga and had absolutely no issues with my hands slipping on the mat. I used it before strength training and got a better grip on weights. And I used it before hockey and it kept my hands dry, which kept my gloves dry, which keeps them and my hands from stinking. The players in the post-game handshake line probably appreciated all that.

I am not a super sweaty person, so I passed the tube of Carpe around the hockey locker room and several women on my hockey team tried it. All of them reported it worked great, including our captain, the self-described sweatiest woman on earth. She said it made a significant difference for her and discussed thoughts of bathing in it.

Although the Carpe lotion is for hands, I decided to give it a try on my feet, because I skate barefoot and sweaty feet make for stinky skates. It works! I won’t do it on a regular basis because I’m lazy but I could see it working to keep your feet from sweating and probably reducing stinky foot odor. I’ll let the guys at Carpe explore that market on their own.

One day I left the tube in the car and it got very toasty and turned from a lotion to more of a liquid. Carpe still worked just fine, and after I got it cooled off, turned back into a lotion form and seemed no worse for the wear. Also, I’ve washed my hands after a work out or a hockey game, and still experienced the benefits of Carpe. It seems to last about 4 hours.

I should also note, there was absolutely no adverse reaction, even on my delicate, extremely sensitive skin.

The verdict
If you are a sweater, this could be your new best friend. I actually had a mini panic attack when I realized I forgot to apply it before yoga and I will keep on using it after my sample runs out. If you want to keep your hands dry for sports activities, or before a networking event or job interview, Carpe will definitely do it. I wish we’d had this stuff when my kids were playing ball because I could see it really helping the sweaty glove hand issue.

Getting your own Carpe
If you want to give Carpe a try, which you totally should do, you can order it from their website. It’s $14.95 for a 40 mL tube, which lasts you about 160 applications if you use the recommended pea size amount (.25 mg) and I did my math conversions correctly. Carpe has a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose.

For a limited time, if you use the code CARPEMOM at checkout, you’ll get a 20% discount through February 2, 2016.

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