The good, the bad and the stupid: A weekend of youth hockey

team photoA few weekends ago, I willingly monitored 29 Squirt hockey games. It involved about 40 hours of watching other people’s kids play hockey and eating rink food while inhaling Zamboni fumes, but it was mostly fun. In many ways it was a snapshot of everything that is right, and everything that is wrong, in youth sports.

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Odor Gladiator giveaway winners!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Time to announce the winners of the Odor Gladiator Facebook giveaway.

Drum roll, please . . . .
The winners are:
PJ Bye
Liza Beautz Turner
Terri Callison-Collins

Congratulations! To claim your prize, please email Mike Morneault at Mike [at] OdorGladiator[ dot] com

I hope you enjoy your Odor Gladiator!