They all laughed until the port-a-potty ran out of toilet paper

I’m the mom who has everything. Not that kind of everything. Everything as in sunblock, band aids, hand wipes, hair ties and anything else you or your athlete needs. I’ve got the Ziplock bag to hold all the jewelry the girls aren’t allowed to wear in games but forgot to take off. I’ve got the instant cold pack that ices the twisted ankle, bug spray to combat the mosquitoes attacking the midfielder and a roll of toilet paper in case, well, just in case.

The goody bag

The well-stocked bag

Some parents make fun of me and my over-prepared bag full of goodies. Especially the roll of toilet paper. But when the park crew didn’t restock the port-a-potties during a holiday weekend tournament, no one was laughing at me. Nope. They were gladly handing over $1 for each square of double-ply, quilted, squeezably soft goodness. Want to put together your own bag? Keep reading.

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