6 ways to save money on youth sports equipment

Everyone knows that youth sports are expensive. It’s a fact of life, like 6:00 AM ice times, the over enthusiastic grandpa tooting the train whistle in the stands right behind you, and the goal jug. Being a natural cheapskate, it pains me to shell out dollar after dollar just so my kids can learn life lessons and get sweaty, so I’ve got some money saving tips to pass along.

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Recommended Reading List for the Thinking Sports Parent

I am a big reader and always looking to educate myself, and anyone else within lawn chair distance, on kids and sports (not necessarily in that order), so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I read a lot of books about kids and sports. I’ve found some really good titles and now present the Trophy Mom’s Recommended Reading List for the Thinking Sports Parent. We’ll save the inspirational biographies for another day–these titles are thought-provoking and informative and might challenge you to think about youth sports in a different way. All of these books are worthy of purchasing and I own some of them, but since I work at a public library, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that you could save some coin by borrowing one of these from your local library. Read the rest of this entry »