Help for THAT Parent

Glass bangersWhen I told a friend that I was going to write a post on how not to be THAT parent, he pointed out that THAT parent usually didn’t recognize themselves as such, so the people that really need the advice were not going to think they needed it. He has a point there. So I devised this little test based on behaviors that I have witnessed to help you identify yourself in case your family hasn’t yet staged an intervention. Just answer the following questions with a simple yes or no.

Have you ever . . .

  1. Had other people describe you as out of control or moved so they don’t have to sit near you?
  2. Been thrown out of a game?
  3. Had a shouting match or altercation with a parent from another team?
  4. Had a shouting match or altercation with someone from your own team?
  5. Yelled something or gestured at an opposing player?
  6. Gotten “the look” from your spouse?
  7. Gotten “the look” from your player?
  8. Yelled or signaled coaching instruction to your player from the sidelines (assuming you are not the coach)?
  9. Flipped off, gestured toward your crotch or sworn at a game official or team official?
  10. Did or said something that you were later ashamed or embarrassed about?

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