Missing school for sports? What kind of parent are you?

Empty Chairs

Flickr creative commons courtesy of Kawaface

Here we are, not even a full week into the school year and my son’s going to miss an afternoon of classes for sports. Yes, I feel like an ass and was going to enter myself into the contest for the parent with the most screwed up priorities. Then I saw some of these photos, immediately revised my assessment and decided I was being too hard on myself.

If your kids play sports long enough, at some point your student athlete will be asked to leave school early or miss an entire day, sometimes two. I blame tournament organizers for this. At this particular tournament, we have two Friday games, one game early Saturday, then if we don’t make the quarter finals, we’re done. Done by 10 AM Saturday, but will miss a day of school to get games in on Friday. This makes no sense to me.

So, as a parent, what do you do? Do you walk the parent walk? Isn’t school more important than sports? What message are you sending here, huh? Read the rest of this entry »