Product Review: Defense Sport

Mouth guard

Ok, I am sort of embarrassed to admit this but it’s instrumental to the review so I’m just going to put it out there and you can all look at me with a shaming look next time you see me. See, here’s the thing. I wear a mouth guard when I play hockey. (My kids wear mouth guards, too, because it’s the league rule and it’s The Mom Rule.) And after the game, I take my mouth guard out and I STICK IT RIGHT BACK IN THE PLASTIC CASE. Sometimes it gets a cursory squirt from a water bottle. Many times, not.

That’s pretty gross, I know. Every once in a while (translation: a couple times a season), I scrub it with a toothbrush and some Crest. But that’s it. And then, I leave it in the case all week and stick it right back in my mouth the next game. Ewww. I’m grossing myself out!

When Defense Sport contacted me about reviewing their product, an anti-microbial mouth guard cleaner, I wondered if someone on my team had contacted them, like a mouthguard version of What Not To Wear.  I quickly agreed to test it and Defense Sport sent me a free bottle to try out.

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