How I kept hockey equipment from taking over my house

The Locker Room

A place for everything . . .

A few years back, we remodeled our suburban Habitrail of a ranch house into a more functional living space. It was a chance to design the house of our limited budget dreams. We made a list of “must haves” like turn the one-season room into something useful, a bigger kitchen with two ovens, and a hockey equipment storage room. Yes, that’s right. A hockey equipment storage room.

We have four hockey players in the house, including a goalie, so that’s a lot of equipment. And we actually unpack it and hang it up so it can dry out and not stink as much. But it ended up all over the place, got mixed up in the wrong bag and was coated with dog hair. Just like everything else in the house.

So we did what any respectable hockey family would do–we moved the laundry to a dank, dark corner of the basement and installed a hockey locker room right off the back door. It was arguably the best thing we’ve ever done and is the envy of pretty much every hockey family we know.

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