How to reap the travel rewards

This weekend the hubby and the Prospect head off to Cincinnati, OH for the Cincinnati Flames wood bat tournament and I’m taking the softball player to beautiful Traverse City, MI for the Traverse City Waves Northern Classic.  We left the college kid at home to play ball, work and feed our ferocious guard dog so don’t even think about breaking in and stealing anything. Beside, we don’t have any valuables; our kids play travel sports. The softball bat is probably the most expensive item we own.

ferocious guard dog

He's got huge sharp, er, he can leap about!

That means five nights of hotels. In July, we’re looking at 15 or more nights of paying to sleep somewhere. (See previous mention about lack of valuables.) Many times, we’re forced to use tournament partner hotels at partner prices so you can’t even shop around and save money. But you can squeeze a few lemons here and end up with some lemonade by signing up for reward accounts at hotel chains. Read the rest of this entry »