On the road again. And again. And again.

Traveling to tournaments and away games can be a lot of fun and make for good team bonding. It can also be a living hell along the lines of National Lampoon’s Vacation, at least for the parents. We’re midway through a seven trip summer and each time I hit the road, I encounter something new. Here are a few of my better ideas to make road trips more vacation-like.

Making the most of the hotel breakfast

Save the time and expense of going out for breakfast by booking a hotel that provides a breakfast bar. It’s worth an extra $10- $20 a night. If your team has a really early game time, ask the hotel manager the night before and they will usually open the breakfast a little early for you, or at least put some bagels or something out. A few other ways to maximize the breakfast bar:

Peanut butter and wheat bread

Peanut butter tubs and bread for an afternoon snack, courtesy of hotel breakfast bar.

  • Grab a couple extra peanut butter and jelly packets and a whole wheat bagel or a few slices of bread to make a sandwich later.
  • Do they have yogurt and milk in cartons? Throw one in your cooler.
  • Take a banana or apple to eat in the car if there’s not time for anything else.
  • Hard-boiled eggs have good protein to kick start the morning or to save for later in the day. Grab a salt packet, too.

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