Surviving the sports all-nighter

I never thought of softball as an endurance sport, even though the girls sometimes play 4 games in a day or 10 games during the course of  a tournament, often in 90 degree heat. I figured that was just softball. Then, some crazy guy signed us up for a midnight tournament. Yep, a 24 hours of Le Mans version of softball. Suddenly, we’ve made the leap from “just softball” to ultra marathon endurance sport crazy. Did I mention that it’s not even softball season? And we’re playing indoors, in a dome? Just keeps getting crazier.

Then you read those studies about The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Brain and  Behavior, and consider the fact that we are giving these kids aluminum bats and they are throwing and hitting balls at each other. Yes, it’s certifiably insane and we’re going to happily participate because we’re nuts. I can’t even rationalize this. There is an element of the whole thing that is really fun, as evidenced by this video “Strawberry Festival” All-Night Softball Tournament. Or maybe it’s just the affects of sleep deprivation. Either way, this is our second time pulling an all-nighter, softball wise, and I am much better prepared. Here’s what I learned from last year. Read the rest of this entry »