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The Mommy Stylist answers that age-old sports mom problem– how are you supposed to look chic in those boxy team t-shirts?

The Mommy Stylist

By Kristin Hull

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Dear Mommy Stylist,

With four school-aged kids who are all involved in sports, I find myself wearing team t-shirts often. But I never feel cute in them – maybe because the shirts are always boxy. How can I wear them so I don’t feel so dumpy? 

This is an excellent question – one which I’ve struggled with when wearing “team” shirts. One way to pretty them up is to follow Heidi Klum’s lead in the photo above and cut the neckline wide enough so the shirt hangs off one shoulder. I wouldn’t suggest it be as wide as hers is but if it sits just an inch below your shoulder it will look cute without the risk of being trashy.

Or, try going the Sandra Bullock route by wearing a casual long, drapey sweater over it with some jeans and Converse sneakers.

Another idea is to…

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10 tips for restaurant dining with teams or first, you confiscate the salt shakers

Team dinnerA time honored youth sports tradition is the whole team dinner outing. Take 15 or so sweaty, hyperactive kids and a bunch of parents who just want to go someplace warm (or cool) and sit down, cram them into a busy, understaffed restaurant and you’ll learn a lot about the make up of your team. Like which parent completely ignores their little sweetheart, who just squirted mustard into a teammate’s drink. Or which parent is rude to serving staff. And which parent you can split a pizza with because they totally hate mushrooms, too.

Team dining can be a lot of fun and a great bonding experience, but it can be disastrous if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, take some advice from The Trophy Mom, survivor of many team dinners, and former truck stop waitress (yes, folks, the sass is legit) before your entourage heads out to dine. Read the rest of this entry »

The Car Cone of Silence

I had a boss who once said that it is every employee’s inalienable right to bitch about their boss. It shouldn’t be held against either party, it doesn’t mean that you don’t buy in to the boss’s system, or you aren’t a team player, or anything like that. It just means that sometimes, your boss cheeses you off and you’ve got to vent. (This is the same boss that gave me a weekend off to attend the USA Hockey Level 4 Coaching Symposium so you know he’s a cool dude.)

The same thing applies to kids. Sometimes, a kid just has to vent– about a coach, about a teammate, about a bad call, a bad play or a bad bounce. And that’s okay. I think we get so caught up in the whole positive parenting, positive attitude thing that sometimes we forget to acknowledge that kids have frustrations, anger and disappointments, and they need a safe place to express those feelings. A place where it’s not directed at a coach, teammate, or official. A place where kids can blow off some steam and know that it won’t go any further, won’t hurt anyone’s feelings, and won’t undermine a coach or a teammate. We have found that place. We call it the Car Cone of Silence. Read the rest of this entry »

Sock it to me! Oh, what to do with all those hockey socks.

If you’ve had a hockey player in the house for any length of time, you are probably in danger of being buried by hockey socks. These innocuous tubes of knit polyester appear to be completely harmless, yet seem to have the reproductive capability of rabbits. Seriously. Hockey socks spontaneously generate in our locker room, appearing in colors unworn by any of our teams, in singles and in pairs, threatening to disrupt the natural ecosystem like so many Asian carp.

As the old saying goes, when life gives you hockey socks, make, uh, make other stuff. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right? With just a little imagination, you’ll find that hockey socks have a multitude of uses that have absolutely nothing to do with hockey or socks. I think it goes without saying that you should wash the socks first, but there, I said it anyway. Here are a few of our favorites: Read the rest of this entry »