Now batting

I’m a seasoned pro in the field of youth sports and I’ve got a minivan with 212,000 miles on the odometer to prove it. Yep, the one with all the team stickers on the rear window (hey, it’s easy to find in the parking lot). Through my sports parent journey I’ve repaired goalie pads with a child’s belt purchased at Kmart,  stitched up the torn seat of some baseball pants using dental floss and a sharpened chicken bone, and learned to navigate to ice rinks and ball fields by studying the planting pattern of cornfields. Learn from some of my experiences and share what you know.

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2 Comments on “Now batting”

  1. Love Trophy Mom! I am a dance/baseball/basketball/football kinda mom running endlessly.

    I have a Back TO Sports post to help parents get their head back in the game. I just cleaned out my 11 year old son’s closet. I needed my own post to guide me through!

    Let me know if you would like to review for a blog post.



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