8 New Year resolutions for sports parents


Yikes, the New Year is upon us! Seems like it goes by faster and faster each year, doesn’t it?

A peek around the Interwebs shows that everybody and their brother is whipping out a New Year resolutions list. Truth be told, I’m not a big one for New Year resolutions but this gives me an excuse to write one of those trendy new “7 Reasons to . . . ” titles, so here we go with The Trophy Mom’s 8 New Year Resolutions for Sports Parents.
[Photo by BazaarBizarre SF]

  1. Resolve to let your kids take control of their own sports experience.
    With your support, your player can have conversations with coach about playing time or position, make decisions about which tryouts to attend, and set their own priorities. Let them–it’s good practice for the rest of their life.
  2. Resolve to be prepared for games and practices.
    That means get there on time, with all the proper gear in good condition– skates sharpened, sticks taped, laces replaced, etc. Also, a good way to honor the previous resolution.
  3. Resolve to turn your paperwork and payments in on time.
    You’ll be the coach’s favorite parent and this might help you with that other personal resolution you are making to get organized. Pretty much everyone makes that one.
  4. Resolve to stop yelling at the refs.
    Resolve to stop yelling, period. As Macklemore says, sit down, chill out and watch the game. Or something like that.
  5. Resolve to keep it fun.
    Save the game analysis, coaching critique and player critique for later. Or never. Sure, sports are competitive but mostly, sports are fun. Do not be a fun sucker.
  6. Resolve to keep it safe.
    You can help your player avoid injuries by making sure her equipment fits properly, she is well hydrated, well rested and has had a pre-sports physical. Work with your coach to check the playing surface condition and monitor external conditions like temperature, storms and lightning, and ventilation.
  7. Resolve to learn the rules.
    You’ll enjoy watching the game more, appreciate the talent and execution of the players, and you might be less tempted to yell stupid stuff from the stands (see resolution #4) if you know more about the game.
  8. Resolve to give back.
    Volunteer to help with your team or league. Donate your used equipment. Write coach a thank you note. Write coach’s spouse a thank you note.

Do you have any personal sports parent resolutions this year? Or some resolutions you wish other people would make? Leave them in the comments. Happy New Year, sports parents.

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