Back in the sports saddle

Last year, I went cold turkey on youth sports. No softball, no hockey, no baseball. No team manager jobs. No youth board positions. Nothing. See, Kid 1 graduated and his collegiate baseball career ended. Kid 2 transferred schools. And Kid 3 hung up her softball cleats and went to a school in a place where the ice rink isn’t even open year round.

It was kind of awesome, to be honest.

Friday nights were my own. I didn’t have an inbox full of team emails or voice mails from pissed off parents. No visits to the UPS store to ship broken hockey sticks. My husband and I went places TOGETHER. Fun, grown-up places, like concerts and restaurants that serve meals on real china.

Have blanket, will travel.

Have blanket, will travel.

But this fall, when Kid 2 made the hockey team at his new school, I started planning road trips. And when Kid 1 brought the goalie pads out of retirement for the beer league, I packed up the blanket and went to watch. (Yes, I watch my kid play beer league hockey. You wanna make something of that?) I even re-upped in the youth league and am back fielding calls and resetting passwords without skipping a beat.

It was a nice break, to be sure. When the kids stopped playing, lot of people asked what I was going to do with myself and I learned that I will be more than fine without the kids’ sports life. But I’m glad to be back and I’m in good company– #Imahockeydad is back at the rink, too. I really love watching my kids do what they love, and as long as they are still playing, I’ll still be watching.

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