Life Coaching Giveaway! Transform your life

Last fall I got a really great opportunity to take a course that had the potential to transform my life.* Exaggeration? No, not really. And I’m going to give you the same opportunity for free. Just keep reading.

You at the Center logoCaught between too much and not enough

I found myself in this place where I think a lot of people end up– caught between too much and not enough. Too much stuff to do, too much running around, too much busy. Not enough time, not enough energy, not enough fulfillment. I don’t think you get to this place all it once. It happens gradually, as your family grows, your responsibilities increase, and the “too much” gets added to your life just one grain at a time, until you are overwhelmed and exhausted. Yet at the same time, at a loss to figure out a way to extricate yourself from it, because it all seems so necessary. What do you give up? Feeding the kids? Bad idea. Going to work? Another bad idea. Sleeping? Even worse idea.

That’s when the You @ The Center opportunity came up. Through Enlist Moms, I was selected to participate in Rachel Davis’ 100-Day Course. And even though it came at a really bad time for me, I had the sense to recognize the potential and go for it.

I’m glad I did. As Rachel describes in her blog, I got the opportunity to achieve control over the reality of my life. To figure out what is satisfying and sustainable, and to create room for it.  What I learned is hard to put in words, but I am a happier, healthier person with more energy and a clearer picture of what matters to me. Rachel helped me shift perspectives, take a longer view on some things, find a better path to solutions on everything from staffing at work to prioritizing my previously non-existent free time. I get 8 hours of sleep. I wake up refreshed.

Yeah, it sort of sounds like a miracle. I did say it was tranformative.

I encourage you

Enter to win a life-changing opportunity
So here’s how you can win a session of the 100-Day Course with Rachel Davis, which has a value of $495. Leave a comment explaining why this course is right for you. If you win, I’ll contact you via your email address, so please leave that with your comment.  You can earn an extra entry by signing up for Rachel’s weekly enewletter, which I really enjoy receiving. It helps me stay focused when the week starts getting crazy.

If you have questions about the 100-Day Course, view to the Course Description page or to the Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more. If you still have questions, you can contact Rachel at:

Enter by March 20! Just comment with why you think this course is right for you with your email address. You don’t have to be a hot mess to win. Good luck!

*I have been able to take this course at no cost and have agreed to blog about it. As always, my opinions are my own, and you can see more on my policy about reviews here.

4 Comments on “Life Coaching Giveaway! Transform your life”

  1. Thanks for motivating people, I just think it doesn’t help that way. Suffering is necessary, confusion is as well but happiness is definitely welcome, so I might give it a try, who knows.

  2. Birgit says:

    What matters to me is to do what I love, that’s why I stepped out of the corporate world to fulfill my destiny as an illustrator & cartoonist. However, fate stepped in and now am tending to my elderly parents and their affairs.

    As much as I love being there for my family, I struggle with the obligation. Insights on how to connect the dots to realize my vision – and stay healthy and sane while doing so – would be a tremendous help.

    In order to stay focused on my goals and dreams, having guidance on how to set guidelines and boundaries would be a huge benefit. Even more so, advice on reaching my dream of running a successful business would be invaluable. Some “out-of-MY-box thinking” would be a bonus, too 😉

  3. Blogbrarian says:

    I would love to take this course! I have been thinking for a long time of the definition of success and I’ve decided that it means something very different at this point in my life than it did even five years ago. Now it means finding happiness in the gift of time and how I choose to spend it and it sounds like this course supports those ideas. Plus, you had me at 8 hours sleep.

  4. Mary Holaly says:

    This post is screaming my name! A chance to hit the “reset” button on all the “too much and not enough” in my life would be awesome. Pick me! Pick me!

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