A gallery of love letters

In my volunteer role as a league administrator, I get a lot of email. In technical terms, I believe a shit ton of email better describes the volume. Most of it is pretty ordinary– operations, deadlines, information stuff. Until someone gets mad about something, and then they fire off a nasty gram that could blister paint. I have developed pretty thick skin over the years so it’s not really upsetting to me (well, the grammar and spelling is upsetting, but not the content). Lately, following the word art trend, I’ve been inspired to think of some this correspondence in a new way, and have picked a few of my favorites with which to explore my creative side. All are real, unedited emails from coaches, managers or refs of youth teams and may contain some salty language. Without further disclaimer, I present, for your enjoyment, the Email from Coaches Word Art Gallery.

1. Subterfuge Conspiracy Theory

2. Professional kids


3. My, such language


4. Threats will get you nowhere


5. Love you, too!


Next time you wonder why it’s hard to get good refs for youth sports or people to volunteer to run teams, leagues, or tournaments, just read through these again. It’s not all bad–I do get thank you emails, and nice job emails on occasion. But I’d say it runs 10:1 in favor of the nasty ones.  In retrospect, some of them are pretty funny and I wish I had saved more of them. I also wish more people had paid attention when learning the difference between plural and possessive but that’s a whole different blog post.

Play hard and stay safe,

The Trophy Mom

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