Win first place in the trophy re-use category

A selection of trophiesWe live in very real danger of being impaled by a sports trophy. Hockey, baseball, softball and soccer trophies hang out in the house alongside important things like the TV remote and the Waterford pitcher we got as a wedding gift (surprisingly still in one piece). After nixing the idea of adding a trophy wing to the house, we instead moved to cull the herd of gold figurines and got rid of anything that wasn’t a first place finish or individual award. Yet still they lurk in small gangs–on bookshelves, dressers, from closets, the mudroom, the living room–staring expressionlessly, stuck in an unnatural frozen pose, feet moored to a base of plastic.

It kind of creeps me out.

As I have mentioned in the past, I am not the crafty domestic sort. But I am a believer in making something out of nothing and not being wasteful. So after consultation with the winners of these trophies, we are moving to dismantle the collection and put the trophies, or at least parts of them, to good use. Some time spent surfing Pinterest yielded a few doable ideas, and since you probably have a treasure trove of trophies and medals at your house, I’ll post the results of my efforts– successes and failures.

This week, I broke out the craft supplies and got to work on Project #1. We are going to make decorative wine stoppers from trophies. Project #1 involves wine, looks super easy, no sewing involved and I get to use the cordless drill. Seemed like high potential for success and I needed a confidence boost, so that’s why we picked this for the first project.

Supplies: Package of wine corks, available at most craft stores, or leftovers from your consumed bottles. Small decorative parts of trophies, harvested from those trophies laying around the house. Drill with small bit, glue.

DrillStep One: Carefully unscrew the finial from the trophy. There’s a nut in the base that you can probably unscrew with your fingers but sometimes a wrench is necessary. Be gentle so you don’t snap the finial off.

Step Two: Center the screw from the final on the top (wide) part of the cork and make a mark on the cork.

Step Three: Using the drill, make a pilot hole in the cork. Go easy, you don’t need to remove a lot of cork.

IMG_6848Step Four: Put a dab of glue over the hole, then GENTLY screw the finial into the hole. If it’s not going in fairly easily, you might want to drill the hole out a little more. The finial should be flush to the top of the cork. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. You’ll crack the cork.

Step Five: Allow the glue to dry.

Step Six: Open a bottle of wine and test out your handiwork.

IMG_6858These make lovely gifts for the sports fan in your life. It’s unique and special present for the coach, or the coach’s spouse, when accompanied by a nice bottle of red wine. And you’ve saved another trophy from the landfill!

Stay tuned for more trophy-getting-rid-of tips and share your ideas in the comments.

3 Comments on “Win first place in the trophy re-use category”

  1. What a great idea! I know my kids hold onto some trophies for sentimental reasons, but we too are drowning under participation awards that no one cares about (not even the kids). I also saw someone that turned old trophy tops into ornaments.

  2. […] are moving on to round two in the recycle old sports trophies and medals and such project. So as not to set the bar too high, we are tackling another easy one, […]

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