Putting YOU at the center

Regular readers will note that they haven’t had much Trophy Mom to read lately.  Sadly, the blog has dropped toward the bottom of the batting order, somewhere between making graduation party decorations and cleaning out the linen closet.

But I’m hoping that will change by the time I complete Day 100 of You @ the Center, a coaching program with Rachel Davis, Ph.D.  The opportunity to take this course came to me through Enlist Moms. I applied, mostly out of desperation, with no real hope of 1) being selected or 2) being able to fit it in to my ridiculous schedule. To my surprise, I was selected, and even though the timing was not so great, I decided that I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass by. I enrolled, and have just completed week one.

You at the Center logoSo what is this You @ the Center thing? It’s coaching, sports fans. Knowing how much Coach Matt has improved my hockey game, I figured that some expert life coaching might improve my life. The course, taught by Rachel Davis, an internationally-known life coach and speaker, claims to help the student achieve a happier, more peaceful, more capable life. As the Trophy Mom isn’t really a new-age-touchy-feely sort, I am slightly skeptical about that promise but hey, it could happen. And who wouldn’t want a life with more space and energy and the experience of clarity.

 What am I getting myself into?

Pressed for time, stressed and trying to manage a billion things at once and here I am taking on yet ANOTHER obligation? But after week one, I can tell you that this obligation is different. For starters, it’s the only obligation that is about ME. Everything else I do is for someone or something else. But this is just for me. It has been a really long time since that has happened. And you know what? It’s kinda nice. I don’t look at it as “just another thing to do.”

Once a week we have a reading assignment, which is perfectly manageable, and an hour long webinar with Rachel. Each day, we have an online worksheet that we complete. So far, some days are fairly straight forward and easy to complete while other days require more thinking. It’s not burdensome, like I feared. And I haven’t forgotten to do it, which was my other big worry. However, the irony that I’m doing the weekly reading while sitting at my desk munching on the martyr mom sandwich (PB & J on both crusts from the loaf)  is not lost on me.

Already I’ve had a couple of a ha! moments. The first was from the reading assignment. Rachel writes, “It is the current structure of your life (your habits and practices) that limits you to your current level of productivity, creativity, performance and results.” Yep. Houston, we have a problem.

There’s another big thing that has struck me, and I think this is a common thing for moms, or caretakers in general. You cut out the stuff that you enjoy because you are too busy to fit it in, or too tired to make it happen, or just feel guilty about taking time for yourself. But those are the things from which you draw energy; they recharge you and make you a better mom, a better partner, a better employee, a better whatever. You feel revived and inspired by participating, yet you don’t make it a priority. This motivated me to make a few changes already.

Transparency and disclaimer stuff

To be clear, I’m getting this opportunity at no cost to me through Enlist Moms and I will be blogging about my experience on occasion in return. And, yes! There will be the opportunity for you to get some benefit also. I’ll let you know more about this part of it as the course progresses.

I’m at the perfect stage to take advantage of this. Kid 1 just graduated college. Kid 3 just graduated high school. That cuts out 3 sports obligations right there. What will I do with that time? Well, that’s what we are going to find out. So stay with me, and I’ll check back in a few weeks with an update on You @ the Center. And if you have any questions about the whole thing, just ask. You can comment, or just email me.

3 Comments on “Putting YOU at the center”

  1. birgit says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  2. Moms often put themselves waaaaay down the priority list in order to keep their family humming along. But when mom is burnt out the whole family stumbles! It’s okay to take some time for yourself and do what makes you happy. It helps keep you going and your family going.

  3. […] the You @ The Center opportunity came up. Through Enlist Moms, I was selected to participate in Rachel Davis’ 100-Day Course. And even though it came at a really bad time for me, I had the sense to recognize the potential […]

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