The Mommy Stylist answers that age-old sports mom problem– how are you supposed to look chic in those boxy team t-shirts?

The Mommy Stylist

By Kristin Hull

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Dear Mommy Stylist,

With four school-aged kids who are all involved in sports, I find myself wearing team t-shirts often. But I never feel cute in them – maybe because the shirts are always boxy. How can I wear them so I don’t feel so dumpy? 

This is an excellent question – one which I’ve struggled with when wearing “team” shirts. One way to pretty them up is to follow Heidi Klum’s lead in the photo above and cut the neckline wide enough so the shirt hangs off one shoulder. I wouldn’t suggest it be as wide as hers is but if it sits just an inch below your shoulder it will look cute without the risk of being trashy.

Or, try going the Sandra Bullock route by wearing a casual long, drapey sweater over it with some jeans and Converse sneakers.

Another idea is to…

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  1. Hi, this is Lisa from The Mommy Stylist. I just wanted to drop in to say thanks for reading and linking in to our site. We’re glad that we could help.

    • Hey Lisa,
      Your stuff is great. Thanks for helping all the sports moms out here look good. Maybe you could consider a dad feature. Some of those guys needs some real help.


      • Hi Laurie,

        Thanks for the suggestion. We will put it on our list of possibilities. If you think of any more questions or suggestions we’d love to hear them. And, remember, if you’d like a chance to be featured on The Mommy Stylist, send us a photo wearing an outfit inspired by one of our posts. We always look forward to input from our readers.

        Best, Lisa

      • Hi Laurie,
        I wanted to let you know that we took your suggestion. We will be posting a special dad feature on this upcoming Wednesday (1/23/2013). Thanks for the suggestion!


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