The Trophy Mom’s Gift Guide for the Sports Mom

Contigo stainless steel mugIt’s holiday time, and there’s one person that should be at the top of your gift-buying list– the person that makes all this sports stuff possible– mom. You want to get her something special, something that says thanks and I love you and you are completely kick ass in the sports mom department, but what? Hey, Oprah’s not the only one that can make gift suggestions. The Trophy Mom’s got a few of her own favorite things to share.

Travel mug
This Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug is the mug for the mom. Its vacuum seal will not spill because of some nifty aerospace technology or something. It comes in a variety of colors and has a sleek, sophisticated shape, just like mom. Contigo describes it as easy to hold and easy on the eyes, again, just like your favorite sports mom. Costco has these in a two pack so you can get one for mom, and one for coach.  $21, various retailers.

Echo Wave Touch Screen Gloves

Touch screen gloves
Mom wants to look snazzy and keep warm and use her touch screen. These Echo Wave Touch Screen gloves from Piper Lime are just the gloves for her. Long cuffs tuck into coat sleeves to keep drafts out, bright red is cheery even on a gloomy February day and touch screen fabric on index finger and thumb means mom can Facebook update and text dad every goal. $35 at PiperLime. (If Mom tends to lose gloves, you can get some fun colors and patterns for $3 at Target.)

Nice tote bag

baggallini Hobo ToteThis baggallini Hobo Tote is tournament worthy and really cute. It comes in a variety of colors so you can sport some team spirit or go classic. There’s an adjustable strap so you can wear it over the shoulder or crossbody, and it’s made of lightweight, water-resistant nylon. It’s even got a removable coin purse. What more could a mom want in a tote? $74.99 at or select retailers.

FootJoy DryJoy Umbrella

Really big umbrella
I know that a 68-inch umbrella doesn’t seem like the most glamorous of holiday presents but trust me, when mom is standing on the soccer sidelines in a steady downpour, she would sell her soul for this. This FootJoy DryJoys beauty features a double canopy (ooohhh) and vents to allow the wind through so it doesn’t turn inside out or rip to shreds. It’s got a nice shape that sheds water and doesn’t drip on your shoes. And it’s big enough to accomodate a friend. Well worth the $60 at

Peak 6000

Phone charger
When you are a mom on the go, you can run your cell phone or tablet battery down to nothing in just one sporting event. So keep mom charged with a myCharger rechargeable battery. Go for a quick boost to an iPhone with Power Bank 1200 at $39.99 to a full-on Peak 6000 that charges 3 devices at once, including iPads and other tables for $99.99 at Mom will never be powerless again.

Gift card to her favorite coffee place
Every mom has a favorite coffee, from a double double at Tim Hortons to a Sea Salt Carmel Mocha at Starbucks or a Pumpkin Spice at Biggby. I recommend a chain or franchise for this because when you are on the road and need a cup of joe, you really NEED it and the quaint local coffeehouse isn’t an option when you are far from home. Load up a gift card and keep mom happy.

Skin care stuff
Mom’s skin takes a beating. All that sun. All that wind. All that worry. And none of the sleep. Treat mom with some luxurious skin care products to take care of her delicate complexion. This Kiehl’s Healthy Skin Essentials kit features a facial cream, a line-reducing concentrate, eye treatment, midnight recovery concentrate, and a canvas travel bag to hold everything. This bag of goodies features the finest naturally-derived ingredients, just like mom! It’s $89, online at

Hockey pants
Maybe not the gift for every mom, but sometimes my family reads this. And I feel a breeze when I skate, one of the thigh pads keeps falling out and there’s a big rip that shows my undergarments and that’s not a good thing. So kids, if you’re reading this, I kinda like these CCMs. Remember, I’m on my derriere a lot so make sure they have good butt padding. CCM U+ 08 Sr. Hockey Pants, $69.99 at

I’m sure there’s got to be something on this list that would make your mom happy. And I’m sure there are some great gift ideas that I’ve overlooked. So that’s what comments are for. Leave your best gift ideas so you can help a mom have a happy holiday. Looking for some gift ideas for other people in your sports life? Check Gift ideas for your athlete and Your guide to the perfect gift for your coach. Now, start shopping.

One Comment on “The Trophy Mom’s Gift Guide for the Sports Mom”

  1. Laura Hedgecock says:

    The phone charger just got added to my list! Thanks Laurie!

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