Sock it to me! Oh, what to do with all those hockey socks.

If you’ve had a hockey player in the house for any length of time, you are probably in danger of being buried by hockey socks. These innocuous tubes of knit polyester appear to be completely harmless, yet seem to have the reproductive capability of rabbits. Seriously. Hockey socks spontaneously generate in our locker room, appearing in colors unworn by any of our teams, in singles and in pairs, threatening to disrupt the natural ecosystem like so many Asian carp.

As the old saying goes, when life gives you hockey socks, make, uh, make other stuff. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right? With just a little imagination, you’ll find that hockey socks have a multitude of uses that have absolutely nothing to do with hockey or socks. I think it goes without saying that you should wash the socks first, but there, I said it anyway. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hockey sock Laptop sleeveSkate guards: Take the large end of the sock and stretch it over your skate blade, then wrap the rest of the sock around the skate. You’ll protect your blades from getting nicked up in your bag, absorb some moisture and no need to shell out $20 on soakers.

Laptop sleeve: An old sock easily slides on over your laptop to give it some protection from scratches and the bumps and knocks it receives in your backpack.

Seat cushion:  You can cut a piece of foam rubber and just slide it inside a sock and cushion your tush from those hard seats of the stands. You can also slide a sock over a vinyl seat cushion to give it some warmth and pizazz. Pick a sock in team colors to show your spirit. Or, just order one from Sureman Tush Cushion.

Knee protectors: When you are gardening or scrubbing the floor, just pull on a hockey sock over your pants and fold it over itself a couple times. It protects your clothes and adds some cushion. This is also great for all those knee hockey tournaments where your kid spends a weekend in a hotel hallway crawling around trying to wear a hole in his team warm up suit. A folded over hockey sock protects the knees of those expensive warm ups and protects your kid’s leg from bruises.

Bag Wrangler Hockey SockPlastic Bag Wrangler:  A hockey sock is the perfect thing to hold recyclable plastic shopping bags. Shove them in the wide end of the sock and dispense them from the small end. A skate lace threaded around the top makes for a cute touch and allows you to hang it on a cupboard or broom closet hook. We went with the ever sophisticated black sock here.

Crafty projects: I’ve seen hockey sock hats and tote bags but these people at Sock-cessories take it to a whole new level. Cripes, they’ve even got a wine bottle cover. Gloves, hats, scarves and super cute little travel bags that can be customized with names or numbers are all available. Genius!

Despite the myriad uses for hockey socks, I’ve still got more socks than I know what to do with so I’m looking for some more ideas. Post your best uses and spread the sock love.

6 Comments on “Sock it to me! Oh, what to do with all those hockey socks.”

  1. the suz says:

    What about making a hockey soc monkey?????

  2. Softball Mom says:

    How about a softball/baseball/football cleat bag? Could you also put one inside another and make a nice padded softball/baseball bat cover? There aren’t too expensive, but since you’ve got those socks sneaking around and multiplying like rabbits….. Oh yeah. Let’s not forget those golfers. Club protectors could be made without too much difficulty, I think. I don’t sew, so I’d be looking at my hot glue gun and/or rubber bands for this task! (So sad, I know.) Younger kids could add some pizzazz with fabric paint and other crafty stuff.

  3. pat coutts says:

    I love the plastic bag holder! We also use them for ice bags for blocked shots, turned angles, slashes, ground balls. Put the sock on like you normally would and then slide the ice bag in where needed…then apply ace bandage if you need it tighter.

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