It’s food! It’s art! It’s fart! I mean, food art.

A few months ago I stumbled upon some photos on Flickr that totally changed the way I look at team party food. No more generic pizzas and cakes with little plastic action figures for our teams. We are going fully into the world of decorative food art. How can you not be inspired looking at these masterpieces? My hat is off to you, Mr. Foogo. And since it’s team holiday party season, there’s no better opportunity to break out the mad food art skilz you didn’t even know you had.

Jell-OLet’s talk Jell-O. No, not Jell-O shots. Just plain Jell-O. It works great for this kind of stuff because it comes in an array of unnatural and slightly fluorescent colors so you can match any team colors. Face it, it’s difficult to find blue food. Jell-O is very moldable and can be cut into curved and straight pieces. Plus, you can fill it in with whip cream if you need a background, and who doesn’t like whip cream?

Moving on, bean dip also has a lot of potential. Beans, shredded cheese, guacamole, black olives and sour cream offer a variety of colors and textures with which to sculpt. Say so long to that sorry excuse of a 7-layer dip. Imagine the reaction of the team when you show up with this.

If you’re more of a traditionalist and looking for a cute cake or dessert idea, there are a lot of places to look for inspiration. Disney’s Family Fun site has great ideas for sport cakes. Take a look at some of the other ideas as well and see what you can adapt.  Patti Paige’s Baked Ideas features awesome designs for cookies and cakes. The Food Network has a great video to help you get professional-looking results.

Hope that gives you some ideas for your next team event. If you make something cool, send a photo and I’ll share. Now, I’m off to make a fabulous creation for our team’s party.

3 Comments on “It’s food! It’s art! It’s fart! I mean, food art.”

  1. iamspawn says:

    Thanks for the love! I’m probably going to scale back my output in 2012 in favor of getting bigger and better with the Foogos, because I’m feeling like I need a new challenge again. As for Jell-O, it’s definitely a great way to “paint.” Here’s a Winnipeg Jets logo I Jell-Oed back in October:

  2. Mr. Foogo, I’m honored that you visited my blog. I love your work and am looking forward to bigger and better Foogos.

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