Holiday wishes from the Trophy Mom

Christmas presents

Flickr Creative Commons by Jo Naylor

It occurred to me sometime between the hockey tournament, the softball tournament, the arrival of my parents and the death of the water heater that CHRISTMAS IS THIS WEEKEND!!!! But not to worry, I’m told that all that gift buying is superficial and unnecessary and it really is the thought that counts. So here are some of my best thoughts and wishes for you, my lovely readers. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Festivus or (insert your own celebration here)!

I wish you a safe journey on your two hour road trip to play a 50 minute game.

I hope you have smooth ice and sharp skates.

I wish you all 9:30 AM Saturday practice times so you don’t have to get up too early yet it doesn’t hog your whole day.

I hope that the stands have heaters and all the bathroom stalls are clean and stocked with toilet paper.

I hope that all the calls and all bounces go your way.

I wish you a season full of good sportsmanship, mutual respect and no rain outs.

I wish you a good car pool partner.

I hope you never need to use the emergency kit you’ve prepared.

I hope that if karma forces you offsides, you tag up, regroup and go forward with passion and determination. And that your guests don’t mind cold showers for a day or two while the water heater gets installed.

Mostly, I wish that you, your players and coaches, and all your fans play safe and have fun. Enjoy every minute of it while it lasts. It’s a game, ya know.

5 Comments on “Holiday wishes from the Trophy Mom”

  1. DropTopMama says:

    Wishing you and the Birchler family a very Merry Christmas!

    Michelle Hicks

  2. Eva says:

    You sound like you need a nice drink! Let me know how it all goes.

  3. Merry Christmas Trophy Mom!!!! Love this post!
    Cheers to a successful 2012!

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