Your guide to the perfect gift for your coach

There are only a few weeks of holiday shopping left and you still don’t have that perfect gift for your coach. Well, panic not, because the Trophy Mom has a great list of ideas for you that are coach-tested and coach-approved. See, I polled my celebrity coaching panel for some of the best gifts they have received and compiled their favorites, plus some other gifts I thought they’d enjoy, so you can find the perfect one for your coach.

A remembrance from the team that the coach can display or wear is a great gift.

Autographed team photo
This is easy, pretty inexpensive and one of the favorites from my panel of celebrity coaches. Frame a team photo with a large white mat (the mat should be at least 4 inches bigger than the photo) then have all the players sign the mat. Pop in a piece of glass and you’re done. You can easily make this by purchasing a mat and frame at Michaels or Hobby Lobby or order one from

Picture this
Photo mug

Some other photo-themed gifts are team trading cards, coffee mugs, a calendar or a digital photo frame loaded with a memory card of team events and players. You can get more ideas at or Snapfish or Zazzle.

Movie themed team poster
Give your coach a poster of the team, done up like a movie promotion poster. Upload your team picture, create your titles and text and get it printed. These are definitely unique and really fun. Use Big Huge Labs or another photo printing service.

Personalized T-shirt
Team on a tee
Another favorite from my coaching panel was a team t-shirt with signatures of the kids printed on the back. It’s just a matter of collecting all the signatures on a piece of paper and then having it silk screened or thermal pressed onto the tee. Add your team logo to the front and voila! A great gift.

Personalized gifts from your player
In addition to a team gift, coaches really appreciate a little card or note from your player. It doesn’t have to be much but it means a lot. Hand-created artwork is nice, too.

Practical Stuff
Training equipment or other things the coach can use are surprisingly popular. Many times they are shelling money out of their own pocket to supplement supplies and training equipment so they welcome these items as a gift.

Team apparel
Is your coach’s warm up jacket looking a little shabby? A new jacket  embroidered with the team logo is a welcome gift.

The HockeyTul
HockeyTulI reviewed the HockeyTul and proclaimed it awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I ordered a couple as gifts for our coaches (shhhh! It’s a surprise!). They call this the HockeyTul but trust me, a softball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball or even a swim coach could probably use one.

The KidzMat is a nifty seating and organizing solution for teams. Each player has his or her own seating spot and a little pocket. I’m imagining the stress this would have saved me when I was coaching T-ball and trying to keep the kids in the right batting order.

Coaching tools
A wipe-off drill board, new whistle or a nice new duffle bag to cart around supplies was mentioned by a couple of my coaches. Not sure what to get? Try a gift card to the sporting goods store so they can pick out whatever they want.

Non-coaching stuff
While it seems our coaches are thinking about the sport 24/7, sometimes they do like to kick back and relax. So here are some nice gifts to help them do that. The coach’s Significant Other puts up with a lot during the season so this is a way to thank them, also.

Mmm . . . beer
A bottle of good wine or scotch or a beer of the month club membership  was mentioned by the celebrity coaching panel.  To enjoy away from the team, of course. It’s also a favorite of certain blogging sports moms.

An evening out
Get a gift certificate to a restaurant or movie theater so coach can take the Significant Other out for the evening. Offer to provide babysitting or take their kids overnight.

Caffeine fix
A sturdy travel mug and gift card to the coffee vendor of their choice will help your coach prepare for those early morning skates.

The ManCan
These manly-scented candles come in an empty soup can. The soup is donated to shelters, food kitchens, etc. and a wonderfully man-smelling candle, like gun metal, sawdust and grandpa’s pipe, is made in the empty can.

Cool techy stuff
Is your coach a techno-whiz? Try some fun tech gadgets and games.

There’s an app for that
An Apple gift card can purchase some ultra cool gadgets and apps. There are a number of very useful coaching and statistic apps your coach might enjoy for almost every sport.

Rock on!
Is your coach a gadget lover and a rocker? This t-shirt that plays guitar riffs is beyond awesome. It even has an amp. I am fascinated by this one. Someone I know might end up with this. 

Media accessories
Maybe your coach would enjoy a new pair of headphones or a skin for a laptop or iPod. There are some sweet ones out there, and you can create designs to incorporate team colors or logos.

Last but not least
Don’t underestimate the power of a thank you. A heartfelt acknowledgement of the time and effort put in to running a team means a lot to a coach.

So what other gift ideas do you have that our coaching panel didn’t mention? Add them in the comments and happy shopping.

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