Gift ideas for your athlete

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Santa Trophy Mom here with a blog full of gift ideas for your young athlete. Because, frankly, you spend so much money on outfitting them for sports you might as well get double-duty Christmas gift mileage out of it. So, let’s get on with the making of merry and ho-ho-ho, and mistletoe and presents to pretty girls.


You’d think they’d be tired of watching sports but my kids love to get tickets to a pro, college or junior games. Get an extra so they can bring a friend or two.

Board Games
NHL MonopolyA sports-themed version of a board game is perfect for the sport-crazy kid. We have an NHL Monopoly set that’s fun to play. My kids find more relevance buying the Toronto Maple Leafs square than Boardwalk. Or try a board game based on a sport, like Pizza Box Football. You can get NFL, MLB and other versions of many games.

Books & Magazines
The age-old themes of triumph over defeat, hard work and good sportsmanship play out well in books. Sports biographies of favorite players are good, also. The topic encourages active kids who are often not big readers to get engaged and improve their literacy. My boys read Sports Illustrated cover to cover.

Training Stuff
Last year I got my son a shooting mat and he proclaimed it the best gift ever. And my garage door has the dents to prove it. The baseball Hit-A-Way was a good one, too. But do this only if it’s something your kids truly want–don’t make it a chore. Then it’s like getting a vacuum.


PJ Pants
Lounging around the hotel during tournaments or hanging out at sleep over parties in team color pajama pants is one of the great joys of girl sports. Pick up a pair of flannel pajama pants, Target, in juniors for $12.99 or Old Navy girls, performance fleece for $10.

Hair Flair 
Hair Flair Pink & BlackSome days your daughter wants to go kick some butt on the field and some days she just wants to look pretty. She can do both with Hair Flair headbands. Angel makes fabulous headbands in a rainbow of colors. She gave me a couple to try out and my daughter loves them. They are so darn fashionable sometimes she wears the black glitter band to school. Order a few of these in team colors or get a set for the team here.


Skin it
Fathead makes cool sports and action-themed skins for laptops, gaming systems for about $25. They’ve got wall and floor designs, too, and other sports art.

Time it
In our house, everything is a competition. How quickly can you shower? Who is fastest through the living room obstacle course? Get them a stopwatch and let them time things to their heart’s content. For under $15, you’ll keep them busy for hours. And think of the opportunities– How fast can you clean your room? How quickly can you put away your hockey equipment? See how I’m working this? Good, huh?

Got some good gift ideas? Please add them in the comments. And next blog, I’ve got some gift ideas for the coaches. If you’ve got a good idea for that, send me an email and I’ll include it.  Happy shopping everyone.

2 Comments on “Gift ideas for your athlete”

  1. Lynne says:

    Hey there Trophy Mom. Thanks for the gift ideas and the link to those WAY COOL headbands! I’m checking out the site and shopping instead of working…darn! I appreciate that you added the link for the headband site. I’ve been wanting to pick some up after admiring BAB’s at a recent tournament. The girls love those sparkly headbands and they definitely make great stocking stuffers and inexpensive gifts for the girlfriends that play sports. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. We miss you guys!

    Softball Mom

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