Are you prepared for a hockey emergency?

It’s hockey season at our house. Well, it’s actually hockey season, softball season and baseball season, but mostly, it’s hockey season. We’ve already got a couple tournaments under our belt and are heading into league play any minute now so this is a good time to get the hockey emergency kit ready. What? You don’t have a hockey emergency kit? Shoot, let’s get one put together quick like before anyone finds out and kicks you out of the glass lickers club.

Hockey Emergency Kit

The Ultimate Hockey Emergency Kit

You can find most of this stuff at your local sporting goods or hardware store, which in some towns is the same thing. (If they would also sell beer, you’d be all set.)

1.  Find yourself a small zippered bag or a plastic container with a lid, like these Rubbermaid Lock-its, or something else fairly sturdy.


An extra moughtguard

2. Get an extra mouthguard. It will help your player keep all his or her teeth and it’s required for certain age groups. There is an ongoing discussion about whether or not it reduces the likelihood of a concussion. Some mouthpiece manufacturers claim that it does. Some in the medical community claim that it doesn’t. Regardless, it’s really easy to lose it, and someone on the team is going to need one.

White and black hockey tape

We're traditional

3. Stock a couple extra roles of tape. We buy it by the case so I just throw in a roll of white and a roll of black. You want fancy colors and patterns? Go right ahead. I’m a traditionalist.

Helmet Kit

Got a screw loose?

4. A helmet kit. It’s amazing how often those little bolts fall out and that snap breaks off. And no ref will let you on the ice without your helmet securely fastened. So make a little kit, either by pirating parts from old discarded helmets or buying them at the store. Ideally, you want a couple bolts, a couple backings, some snaps and a buckle.


Screwdriver with interchangeable heads

5. A screwdriver. Really helpful in tightening up a loose facemask or putting on the new helmet snap. I got this multiple head screwdriver for $2. You just swap out the heads for whatever kind of screw/bolt you’ve got. It’s small and packs easily. And it can also be used as a bottle opener if things get really desperate.

Skate Stone

Skate Stone

6. A skate stone. You aren’t going to get a pro quality sharpening job with a skate stone but if you get a burr or nick, you can at least smooth it out. Nobody needs a skate stone this big so crack it in a few pieces and put a chunk in the bag.


The uses for laces are infinite.

7. Laces. An extra set of laces is one of the most useful things to have. Sure, you can use them to tie up your skates but they also come in handy if a suspender strap breaks or you have to tie the goalie into the net. Okay, just kidding about the goalie.

This basic kit will keep your team on the ice and keep you from losing your hockey parent cred. There are some other things that could be included in this emergency kit but these items cover all of the situations that I’ve encountered so far. What else should we throw in there? Let’s hear from the experienced hockey crowd.

5 Comments on “Are you prepared for a hockey emergency?”

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  2. Dirk Hoag says:

    I’ve added my two cents over at Hockey Gear HQ – one other thing I toss in my bag at the start of the year is a fresh pack of socks. Down here in Tennessee, it’s warm enough to wear sandals to the rink usually, and it’s way too easy to forget to pack a pair before heading out the door!

    • We’re barefoot skaters here so I didn’t even think of that but that’s a good addition, Dirk. I think some smart sporting goods company should put together a little kit and market it under the Trophy Mom brand. Maybe you can get that going for me. 😉

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