Vacation, all I ever wanted


Still what I think of when I think of vacation. I know, I'm dating myself.

After eight weeks of touring the best baseball and softball diamonds the country has to offer, the Trophy Mom and family went on vacation last week. A vacation from schedules. A vacation from practices, from games, meetings, workouts, tournaments, commitments and blog posts. So, what does the quintessential sports family do on vacation? We play sports.

Some people don’t think that is much of a vacation. Heck, after hearing about other people’s trips to Disney* and educational visits to national landmarks, I wonder myself. But sports are just part of who we are as a family.  No worries about child inactivity and obesity at our house. I can’t imagine my kids touring museums since I can’t even take them into Bed, Bath & Beyond without fear of something getting broken.

Family Bike Trip

Biking the Little Traverse Wheelway

Still, you’d think our vacations would be different. And they are. It’s not really about sports at all. It’s about play. No coaching. No rules, unless you count the convoluted made up Calvin ball rules. It’s just fun. It’s how we reconnect after spending a summer running all over. And it’s what makes our family strong. We are a team and we engage in team building activities. Maybe not the same ones you do in your fancy corporate workshop or in your youth sports pizza parties, but it’s team building all the same.

It’s a whiffle ball home run derby in the yard. The week-long cumulative-score golf tournament featuring Slurpees instead of a green jacket for the winner.

Kayaking and canoeing. Endless games of Frisbee fetch with our intrepid water hound. Many, many hands of a variety of card games–Hearts, Euchre, Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Double Solitaire– you get the picture.

Intrepid Water Dog

Gordie, the Intrepid Water Dog

Long bike rides on the Little Traverse Wheelway. Long walks with the dog. Reenacting our favorite scenes from The Sandlot. Cut-throat miniature golf.

Every team needs opportunities to bond, share common interests, create memories and experiences and build a strong, united team. Our family does it through sports and play and smores and stargazing. As far as vacations go, that really is all I ever wanted.

So, tell us, how does your family do vacation and family bonding?

*We did go to Disney once. Coincidentally, it was ESPN weekend and we spent the first day watching live Sports Center broadcasts, dodging crazy Pittsburgh Steelers fans and trying out the sports skills games. We also came home with a rugby ball and  basketball and the boys spent 2 days looking for a hoop so they could play.

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