Best bets for your butt: Chair review

I suffer from chair envy. As I lug my camp chair out to the field, I’m eyeing everyone’s chairs, noticing the sleek, shiny lightweight aluminum, bulging storage pockets and high denier nylon. Sigh. It’s not healthy but not at all surprising since I used to do the same thing with strollers. My own chair is in good shape so there’s no new chair purchase in my future but I can’t help doing a little shopping around–just in case I accidentally run it over with the car or leave it behind at a field. Besides, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Best bets for your butt
The criteria is that it has to be portable, have a reasonable sitting area and come in at $100 or less. There are a lot of choices out there so here is my scouting report on how to get the best seat in the house.

REI Trail Stool

REI Trail Stool $19.50

REI Trail Stool

If you like to travel light, this REI Trail Stool weighs only 18 ounces and just $19.50. Heck, I’ve had beers bigger than this. No back rest though, which would make it uncomfortable for long periods of sitting. It’s easy to cart around, even for little guys so it would be a good choice to bring along for younger siblings. Or if you are the parent that is pacing the sidelines the entire game, this might be perfect for you. Also would rate very high on the Bobby Knight scale. Multiple colors available.

Backpack Cooler Chair

Backpack Cooler Chair, $46

Tailgating Backpack Cooler Chair

Is it a backpack? Is it a cooler? Is it a chair? It’s all three! The backpack cooler chair is portable, can hold your beverage and keep it cool, has a place to stow stuff and you can sit on it. What more could you want for $46? It’s not all that comfortable since it’s suffering from the design by committee syndrome and a little overpriced but there’s got to be a market out there. I could actually see using this on the sidelines for my own soccer games but don’t know if I’d want to make it my regular game watching chair.

Stadium Chair Seat

Stadium Chair, $35.

Stadium Chair

A patented design that features rubber grippers on the bottom and a hook so you don’t slip off the stands and hurt yourself in a fit of excitement. It comes in multiple colors and runs about $35. The drawback with this style of chair is that you’ve got to have a good bleacher set up to use these. Plus, no drink holders, which is just un-American.

Renetto Canopy Chair

Renetto Canopy Chair, $50

Renetto Canopy Chair

A built in canopy chair that converts easily into a very portable backpack for easy carrying. Double beverage holders so you can double fist the Gatorade and a storage pocket in the canopy. The back is high, which is nice for the tall folks and it’s surprisingly lightweight. Comes in a variety of colors for about $50. It also has a screen that goes from the canopy to the chair back which provides more stability and protection from foul balls.

Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair

Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair, $65.

Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair

A mesh pocket, two beverage holders and three-position adjustable backrest make this a pretty nice choice. It also has an “oversized and padded seat bottom” which I don’t need since I’ve got one built in all natural-like but still, nice touch. The mesh pocket comes in handy for cell phone storage. The adjustable back is great if you want to kick back and relax. Oh, and it comes with a bottle opener, a bargain for around $65. Multiple color choices here, too. I think I’m going to get a set of these for the living room.

SKLZ Sport-Brella XTR

Sport-Brella Chair, $70

SKLZ Sport-Brella Chair DLX

You’ve got to love a chair called the SKLZ–it sounds so high performance. This beauty’s got a detachable umbrella that swivels at three points, a footrest and has an extra high back so it’s good for tall people. It even has lumbar support. Plus, it has an armrest cooler bag that will keep  four beverages cold and a bottle opener for a mere $70. If my office chair was this nice, I’d work longer.

Portable Sports Chair

Portable Sports Chair, $100.

Cobra Portable Picnic Chair

A very regal chair with a folding hard-surface side table, padded armrests, a hanging cooler bag with pockets for your extra stuff, and a canopy that makes it look like it can fly!  This just screams “throne,” doesn’t it? I’m sure it’s worth every penny of the $100. Hands down winner in the luxury category.

There you have it–your guide to getting the best seat in the house. This is all a matter of personal preference so let us know what seat is best for your butt.

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